Associated Regions

Call for Proposals

We are pleased to announce the launch of a call for Associated Regions to participate alongside the OLAMUR project has been extended to June 30, 2024.

The OLAMUR project consortium will support 5 Associated Regions, each receiving EUR 100,000 in financial support to showcase the feasibility, replicability and scale up of the solutions developed within the project in associated regions.

How will we achieve this?
We will provide the selected Associated Regions with technical assistance to develop roadmaps and plans for low-impact marine aquaculture and multi-purpose use of marine space addressing possible barriers and showing the feasibility of implementing innovative solutions in the region.

What does it mean for Associated Regions?
The associated regions will be able to follow the OLAMUR project and its demonstration activities. The outcomes and knowledge will be shared with the associated regions and technical assistance to build capacity and to implement solutions for low-impact marine aquaculture and multi-purpose use of marine space in their territory to ensure that the Mission Ocean objectives can be achieved.


OLAMUR (Offshore Low-trophic Aquaculture in Multi-Use scenario Realisation) is a four-year EU-funded project supporting the EU Mission Ocean Lighthouse to “restore and protect our ocean and waters by 2030”. Its efforts are focused on making the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular, in line with the proposed European Climate Law and the holistic vision enshrined in the Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy. It can bring about the start to better practices of using the marine space, where certain industries can work together to reach a point where carbonneutrality and a healthy environment is achievable.

These topics are embedded in three case study sites in Germany, Denmark and Estonia, where innovative multiple-use concepts, such as Low-Trophic Aquaculture (LTA) within offshore wind farms offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities. By harnessing the potential of this marine multi-use approach, we can move towards a more sustainable and resilient use of our marine resources, while also contributing to SDGs and initiatives. The pilot sites are to be set up and operated on a semicommercial scale and will serve as the basis for data collection for the overall project.

Who Can Apply?

The call, targets local and/or regional authorities from associated regions other than those that are already part of the OLAMUR consortium. Consortium members include: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Italy are therefore not eligible for funding.

The eligible applicants for this opportunity should be from local and/or regional organisations (public bodies) from EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries as indicated in the map below. 

Please note that the list of associated countries may change over time, and it is recommended to check the latest list of eligible countries before applying.

Funding/ Activities

The grant each associated region can apply for is up to €100,000. The activities should focus on bringing sustinable solutions locally within each region, which demonstrate concrete actions.

Activities that can receive financial support:

  • Marine spatial planning
  • Low-trophic aquaculture in wind farms
  • Robotics
  • Governance
  • Carbon-neutral aquaculture

Application Process

Applicants must submit their proposal as a pdf-file by e-mail to the call management ( by the given deadline. The proposal template must be used and are available for the applicants to download from the button below. 

Applicants can only submit one proposal for this call. Proposals must be written in English which is the main language for communication.

The submission will be acknowledged by the call management and only after the confirmation the proposal can be regarded as submitted. It is advised to not wait until the last moment to submit. If the submission is not confirmed within 1 day, and the call deadline has not yet passed, please contact the call management at


Opening date

Feb 01, 2024

New Closing Date

June 30, 2024

Project implementation

September 01, 2024

Selection Process

OLAMUR aims for a prompt evaluation procedure of approximately two months duration.

The Executive Committee will rank the proposals and make a prioritized list based on the evaluation criteria (see Guidelines for applicants). This list will be sent to the EU project officer for approval within 2 months after the application deadline. All applicants will receive a letter by e-mail of the outcome of the evaluation from the call management. Associated regions will be assigned. The successful proposals will be notified, and call funding will be distributed after agreeing on a project plan together with the Executive Committee, the EU project officer and signing a contract.

A summary of each of the awarded associated regions will be published online at



Personal data that will be collected, processed and published in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Project Coordinators: 

Øivind Bergh / Anita Jacobsen